Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Agero Customer Recovery - Equipping Our Specialists to Better Serve You

For each damage complaint that Customer Recovery receives, our liability specialists and management team analyze all of the information collected in order to make the best decision possible given the facts and evidence provided. The team undergoes monthly training courses provided by one of our senior associates, Brian Rossi, bringing more than 10 years of experience and leadership to the sessions.

The training sessions allow the team to openly discuss aspects of the damage complaint that may be hindering their ability to make a final resolution. A projector screen is utilized to display damage photos and estimate break downs based off former and current cases.  The team, as well as management, can easily identify trends amongst the damage complaints and develop that knowledge going forward by sharing the best recovery practices.

Continuing to Enrich our Specialists:
  • Agero has partnered with the Massachusetts Towing Association Training and Certification Program to ensure our team is prepared for a thorough assessment of each damage complaint case.
  • Live demos offer our specialists a first-hand look at service-specific events and present them opportunities to ask questions and observe damages before their eyes.
  • Management is committed to a stronger interviewing process, continually seeking qualified individuals.

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