Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Submitting Your Invoices On

If you currently mail your invoices to Agero, please go to to set up online billing. This process will ensure prompt payment.

1.   Your first step is to create an Agero Support account. Log in using your Service Provider ID and Federal Tax ID number.

2.   Go to the “Billing” tab at the top of the screen. Select a PO# from the “Choose PO” drop down menu. Once you have selected a PO # most of your information should fill in automatically.

3.   Enter the vehicle’s odometer reading. If it’s a digital dashboard and the odometer is not available, enter “1”, and in the comments section write “digital dash.”

4.   Enter the vehicle’s full 17 digit VIN. If the VIN is shorter than 17 digits, you will need to mail your invoice to Agero.

5.   Enter miles or hours in accordance to your rate agreement. If your rate is per mile, you will only enter miles. If your rate is hourly, enter hours in 30-minute increments rounded to the closest half hour.
Enter “Miles to Site”, which include the enroute miles from your shop to disabled vehicle. Enter loaded miles, which include miles from scene to tow destination. Make sure to enter gross miles only – your included miles will be automatically deducted. Or enter “Port to Port” hours, which include the time from your shop to the service and then back to your shop.

6.  Select any applicable additional charges from the drop down menu, such as taxes, fuel for delivery, etc.
In order to receive payment for your secondary towing services, enter all advance charges and release funds in the “Additional Charges” section. Be sure to email or fax your payment slip to or 1-781-306-8092.

7.   Enter your invoice # and the total invoice amount, including all additional charges.

8.   Enter any additional information in the “Comments” box.

9.   Once you have finished entering all of the above information, click “Submit Invoice.” You will see a pop-up box that says, “Data has been updated successfully.”

10. All payments must be submitted within 60 days.

Congratulations – you have successfully input your first Agero PO.

If you need to go back and edit your PO, you can do so by selecting the PO number from the “Choose PO” drop down menu.

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