Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Agero Best Practices - Roadside Assistance Vehicle Inspection Form

Agero strongly recommends that Service Providers use the Vehicle Inspection form to capture potential relevant information that may assist with the proper determination of liability should a damage allegation arise with respect to the dispatch performed. This is helpful to both Service Providers and Agero as it will ease the process of damage claims.

Some specific tips for the Vehicle Inspection Form include having Service Providers instructing employees to:
  • Inspect the condition of a vehicle prior to servicing; any pre-existing markings or damage should be identified to the customer and noted on the Vehicle Inspection Form.
  • If the customer is not present to sign the form, please contact the dispatch center @ 1-800-541-2262, press Option #1 and request that your findings be documented in the call history at the time of service.
  • Upon arrival at the destination site, have the dealership or service facility inspect the vehicle and sign an acknowledgement of receipt.

For more information and to access the Vehicle Inspection Form click here. Or visit and click on the Service Provider Resource Library and scroll to the Towing and Roadside Best Practices section.

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  1. Great Advise, every road assistance provider should retain a Vehicle Inspection form to protect any questionable claims any customers may have. It is a best practice to perform a vehicle inspection of your own to document any damages to the vehicle in question and have the customer sign and date it.


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