Friday, July 22, 2016

Agero Industry News - Summer Volume

With Summer time upon us, so is the hot weather, travel plans, vacations…. and traffic! When the above occurs it is easy to see why more people need roadside assistance. As a Service Provider it is important to understand your peak seasons. During the summer months Agero experiences a significant volume increase, which means more dispatches coming your way! As a Service Provider the most important thing to remember during volume spikes is to be prepared. Below are a few ideas on how you can prepare your business.

Staff Accordingly:  It is important to staff your business accordingly when experiencing summer volume increases. You may need to add more dispatching help or tow truck drivers in order to meet the volume demands. Make sure you work with your Performance Manager to better understand how summer volume will impact your business.

Plant Trucks: As previously mentioned, the summer months produce a lot more traffic. Planting trucks is a great strategy during volume spikes and when traffic is an obstacle. Strategically placing trucks in your assigned territory will help your business to: 
  • Give faster and more accurate ETA’s
  • Spend less $ on fuel
  • Get to the next call quicker
  • Your overall business will be more efficient.

Communicate With Customers: It is understandable that during times of increased volume you will run into traffic or other delays. It is important to communicate with the customer to provide realistic expectations. Make sure you confirm their location to ensure your ETA is accurate.

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