Thursday, May 3, 2012

Download the New Vehicle Inspection Form from

The Vehicle Inspection Form can be used by our Service Providers to capture all necessary details of your dispatch.  By incorporating the completion of this form on every dispatch and saving them within your own record keeping system, all relevant information will already be gathered and will ensure proper determination of liability should a damage allegation arise.  In this event, Agero will contact you and request a statement from you relative to the incident in question and request a copy of the pre-filled out form. 

To download, go to and click on  Resource and Tutorial Library.  You can find this form under the Towing and Roadside Best Practices.  When using this form, we strongly recommend:

·         Service Providers keep copies of the Vehicle Inspection Forms on file for at least one year.

·         Service Providers instruct their employees and/or contractors to:
-          Inspect the condition of a vehicle prior to servicing; any pre-existing markings or damage should be identified to the customer and noted on the Vehicle Inspection Form
-          If the customer is not present to sign the form, please contact the dispatch center @ 1-800-541-2261, press Option #1 and request that your findings be documented in the call history at the time of service
-          Upon arrival at the destination site, they have the dealership or service facility inspect the vehicle and sign an acknowledgement of receipt.

Please contact your Performance Manager with any questions.  As always, thank you for being our valued partner. 

The Agero Network Team

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